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So lets start it off, if you don't know me by now i'm sorry ahead of time.

So the intro started out funny, but for the part where Richard is apparently talking it doesn't even sound like he covered his mouth for that part. But who cares about that.

Verse 1: So pretty much all bars up to the Richard Pyryor reference were basic and more lukewarm than my pee after five hours. So then he goes on to do a really poor Little Richard reference saying he couldn't rhyme... Even though Little Richard helped originate rock and one of his hit songs was Tutti Frutti where he did nothing but rhyme... But this is Newgrounds so who the fuck would know that #loljk<3uguys. He then goes on to make more lukewarm simple bars, then references Rich as a producer. He goes into the mindset of sampling versus non-sampling, so I don't even see where it could be considered a diss... especially when Dox is rapping on a sampled beat... "What kind of rapper samples H.P. Lovecraft?" Someone who needs a voice clip.. because Lovecraft wasn't a musician. And then he goes onto really elementary rhyme schemes. He goes into personals after a lame signing part, the soap line was cheesy and too basic for me to give a point on. I guess from then on it's okay.

Verse 2: Spawn has fair rebuttals but not any good punches. He does point out that he is simplistic. I mean at least Rich had non-simplistic rhyme schemes, had somewhat attempts at things i could consider punches, to Dox's anti-punches. Like him saying he has to get on his knees to look in his eyes, not that great of a line but better than any of Dox's lines.

So pretty much disappointing battle all around, but if I had to judge i'd say Dox's verse was bad, and Rich's was rather lukewarm. So it would go to Rich for not making me listen to really simplistic rhyme schemes and poorly planned punchlines.

Verse 1: SJD his rhyme scheme is pretty bad throughout most of the verse. His FPS reference in regards to re spawning was cliche, and his call of duty one felt week. When he brought up influences he wasn't strongly implicating biting so it felt as if he was just listing off influences. His timing on the beat in parts is really weird in points, but worked when he did it on purpose for the lag line.

Verse 2: Opening two bars are really nice, the teenager lame was pretty lame. He then goes onto to use some pretty weak punchlines, and he stumbles over his flow. The Uncle Tom line was funny. At this point it feels as if Spawn's verse is a bit stronger, but SJD's pacing was odd while Spawn is stumbling over his flow.

Verse 3: Why couldn't they cut off the motherfucker at the end of his verse? Also the EQing is so bad between the verses. Anyway onto the verse, his rebuttal to the Uncle Tom comment comes off as salty and is weak. But then he goes on to have alright punches with a much better flow. The family comments are kinda low blows though, then he makes a kinda lame comparison. Like "you better love your girl cause she's the missing link..." I mean I get what he was going for but it doesn't come across well. Then he goes onto make a pretty funny comment about his girl giving birth and video game comparison.

Verse 4: Talk about making a biting comparison successfully, saying SJD sounded like Hopsin's aborted fetus. Well done. Spawn goes to commented on SJD's girl, which is fair, but as lame as when SJD tried to do it. Burnt squidward, gets a little Danny Brown for a second which was pretty funny. Then he goes onto talking about how he thinks SJD cheats, about his personals, and it comes off as pretty boring.

So overall a pretty bland battle to be honest, with a couple of on par lines. You could tell both participants weren't too happy with each other, and both were surprisingly bad for the anticipation they claimed. I have no idea why this battle is so highly rated, it just goes to show the really lame standards of the people who even vote on these things. But anyway, both were pretty bad and highlights, but if I had to give it to someone I guess i'd give it to Spawn. Maybe? I don't know I think the 4 bars where he went Danny Brown-esque was the most entertainment I got from either verse.

But uh yeah tl;dr, both were pretty bad but i'd give it to Spawn.

HDC responds:

SJD - 8 WS -9

In the battle of lyrical and delivering mice, Jakobe is the taller one.

Gasmaq for the advance, his bars were better, most of him was better.

Soundbreaker, great reversals, plus his delivery is dope.

Meme worthy

This is a great track, in the fact it has been a meme with NG emcees for months.


Professional level to the highest extent sir, I love it. I'm definitely going to be getting your beat tapes soon, from what i've heard on NG it is amazing that you aren't partnered up with a top notch emcee yet.


Another good one, the melodies are very nice on this one. The bassline was really good too and not only accompanied it but became an appropriate focal point in parts.

Nicely done

Very nice, all the elements meld well. I love very old school beats and the use of the flute/wind instrument added a real nice touch. Love it.

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